TEX Onsite offer a wide range of specialised Power System Services functions including:

  • Providing an accurate operational condition assessment through detailed reporting and recommended maintenance action plans. Ideal for ageing networks.
  • High Voltage System Maintenance Management Service

Power System Protection

  • Protection Relay maintenance
  • Primary and secondary testing
  • Distribution and transmission feeders
  • Motors, Generators, Transformers
  • Circuit breaker timing

Power Transformers Specialist

  • Transformer install, test and commission, repairs
  • Condition monitoring and full maintenance services / plans
  • Transformer oil sampling and on-site conditioning
  • Half-Life Refurbishments

High Voltage Switchgear

  • Full switchgear maintenance servicing / plans
  • Installation, testing and commissioning, repairs
  • Complete substation condition monitoring

Earth System Analyses and Servicing

  • Earth resistance measurement and grid enhancement design strategies
  • Installation, maintenance and repairs

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