TEX @ Site’s aviation service is Australia’s first and only, dedicated air deployable mobile testing and calibration service. Providing a unique fly in and fly out service for high voltage testing, instrument calibration and power system protection work.

TEX @ Site own and operate our aircraft, piloted by trained technicians offering customers a convenient, comprehensive and quality service.

Our technicians fly directly to remote sites and islands, providing for mining and industries in areas not easily accessible by road.

We understand the issues and cost associated with driving to remote sites, our aviation service solves these issues.

Our aviation service allows TEX @ Site to provide customers with cost effective testing and calibration services, all over Australia, no matter how far and isolated.

Services Provided

  • High Voltage testing (electrical safety and operating equipment)
  • Power system and protection testing
  • Power transformer condition monitoring
  • EWP testing
  • Electronic/Electrical instrument calibration
  • Calibration of micrometers, vernier callipers, dimensional instruments and gauges
  • Calibration of thermometers, infrared thermometers and thermal imagers
  • Calibration of industrial pressure gauges, test gauges and calibrators
  • Torque wrench calibration
  • Calibration of non-commercial airport
  • Baggage scales
  • Sound level meters
  • Lifting equipment inspections
  • Data management and scheduling
  • Comprehensive Management System (CMS)

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